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Why you'd want to hang out with me?

If I want to stand out in a crowd, I must be responsible for my own career too, and take action to improve in areas that I’m weak in and also the same area where my current or future employer ready to take risk on me :)

Sounds crazy. Isn’t it? Yes, it is. Are you ready to read further?

I grew up in India but now living in Singapore. I’ve spent past few years in Chennai and Bangalore for my studies and work.

I’ve 10+ years of experience in IT Infrastructure and Cloud. I’m working for Lazada Group in Corporate Security, Risk & Enterprise Intelligence team as a Technical Project Manager. I’m an Information Technology polytechnic and engineering degree graduate from India.

I’m devoted to and excel in three areas—each area strengthening the others: network and social engineering; mentor my successor; and do more with less. Let me expand a bit on each:

I’ve track records in building Cloud Infrastructure and team from ground zero, because social engineering comes hand in hand in building networks with help of multiple people involved. I’ve always interested in hearing people’s pain points and this is very important part of social engineering.

I had developed the art of documentation; if same issues resurface or show way to solve it for future. This helps me to find my successors and move up in my career ladder.

I push myself to the limits to do more with less, on a long journey this improve my calibre of decision making based on hard data with soft intelligence.

I’m looking to transition into Product Management, IT Infra/Cloud Architect and consultant roles in Singapore with DevOps, IaaS, IaC and Security by Design mindset companies at present.

Also, I look for opportunities align with performance instead job descriptions don’t align with performance measures in job postings. View my Résumé

If you are interested in my profile and my career path? Please feel free to discuss. Telegram DMs and Keybase.

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To be honest, I’m having some trouble remembering right now, so why don’t you just schedule my calendar and it will answer all your questions.