Why targeted job search help better always?

Point blank on job hunting

Due to current pandemic all around the world, many people are losing their job. Do not panic, take deep breath and read further.

Do targeted clear shoot rather throwing spaghetti on wall and see what is sticking. Current situation may not assure everyone who lost job get one, but your improved job search will help you land on one.

Why skilled candidates often give importance to read full Job Descriptions? Often, poorly written job descriptions with similar qualities – team-player, problem-solver, strong communication skills, Bachelor’s Degree in many descriptions. Yet if you ask why a 4-year degree is a necessary qualification, you probably won’t get a performance-related response.

Often Hiring Managers do not know what they need and result them to google Job Description. Very limited companies (the people represent the company) has the culture of writing their own job description for what they look for candidates. Look for those companies.

Many companies use ATS to receive candidates profile against job posting, so spend sometime in tailor your contents accordingly. The number of interviews to land a candidate, cost to hire, number of qualified candidates, acceptance rate, candidates placed – these are all types of measures regularly used to assess recruiting performance for a recruiter. Maybe they are what you expected or maybe not. But how does it change the way you view the hiring practices in a company?

And, when it comes to your career, building a strong network will continue to be your best friend to 1) open the door to new opportunities, 2) avoid wasting time on jobs that already have a pre-identified candidate and 3) truly understand the role and culture you’re considering so that you can make an informed decision.

While we all want to believe that hiring practices (and many others) are objective, linear and unbiased, that just isn’t the reality.

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