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Save yourself from project delay before it hits.

Warning signs of troubled projects Managing projects involves balancing the iron triangle of scope, time, and resources.The most frequently cited definition of a troubled project is when one of these three constraints is signifigantly varying from the plan. This can occur when there’s no skilled project manager engaged on the project. However, many projects go off the rails when very smart project managers are on board. Warning Signs Stakeholders who disagree Don’t engage in appropriate debate Senior leaders will not make decisions The warning signs show up early in a troubled project and should trigger action. [Read More]

Step into the Danger Zone

How to protect yourself and your family from cyber victim?

Why crash-test new vehicle? To protect customer before it’s too late. The internet is even more dangerous than a highway. Protecting you, family, your website or system is protecting your business, private life and reputation. Let’s discuss about protecting yourself in Internet and how important it is in this article. Protecting yourself and your family All work and no play make for a very dull Jane. We all like to spend time at home, with our family, maybe you like to do some online shopping, maybe you want to stream a movie on the internet, it’s really important to take time for yourself, but when you do, let’s make sure you’re secure. [Read More]