Step into the Danger Zone

How to protect yourself and your family from cyber victim?

Why crash-test new vehicle? To protect customer before it’s too late. The internet is even more dangerous than a highway. Protecting you, family, your website or system is protecting your business, private life and reputation. Let’s discuss about protecting yourself in Internet and how important it is in this article. Protecting yourself and your family All work and no play make for a very dull Jane. We all like to spend time at home, with our family, maybe you like to do some online shopping, maybe you want to stream a movie on the internet, it’s really important to take time for yourself, but when you do, let’s make sure you’re secure. [Read More]

Security Matters (to everyone)

Talking about naive and novice using public wifi.

Why is security so important? Today we use the Internet all the time from the time we wake up in the morning, and we check the weather on our phones to when we go to bed at night, and we ask Alexa to turn off our lights. Today there are 5.2 billion Google searches per day, and over 22 billion text messages across the globe between people every single day. That’s a lot of data. [Read More]

Let your dreams take flight

Talking with non-security people.

Maybe you’re an information security expert. Maybe you just know a few technical things but everybody calls you for advice. My suggestion on how to talk to non-technical people, this sounds trite, but keep it simple. Non-technical people are really smart. They’re just not used to the technical terminology that you’re used to in your day-to-day world. I have four things I want to talk to you about today, when you’re talking to non-technical people. [Read More]